Eutectic plates

Eutectic plates producer in Turkey

ATCINT produces eutectic type frigorific vehicle bodies since 1992. This new technology is rapidly expanding around the world and is becoming a system that is widely sought after. Eutectic Plate system behaves in the pattern of an ice cube put inside water to keep it cool. The vehicle body that has been electrically refrigerated beforehand for 4-6 hours is then cut off from the energy source and departs for its destination. During the transport, the cold energy charged within the plates will be spent and the body will be kept at desired temperature levels. This process lasts for 18 to 24 hours. Therefore, the body transports the goods without spending any energy from its own engines for a journey of up to 24 hours, reliably and at the temperature levels set in advance.

Another advantage resulting from use of eutectic type bodies is that the same body can be divided into separate compartments to allow simultaneous transport of both cool and frozen products.

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