Eutectic Car

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Manufacturing refrigerated truck body and eutectic plates
manufacturing and repairs Eutectic cars
Manufacturing and repairs insulated bodies
Manufacturing and repairs light insulated bodies for transportation of bread, medicines, meals
Manufacturing and assistance lifts
Manufacturing and assistance refringerating units on veichles
Manufacturing and repairs insulated vans
Manufacturing and repairs curtainsider
Design special bodywork (animal transportation, coffin transportation, milk machines, etc.)


рефрижераторных фургонов

рефрижераторных фургонов

мультитемпературным фургоном

Мультитемпературные изотермические фургоны предназначены для доставки пищевых продуктов требующих различные температуры хранения. Такие фургоны имеют отсеки с разной внутренней температурой. В более сложных системах охлаждения может быть предусмотрена функция изменения диапазона температур. Это может быть осуществлено нажатием одной кнопки.


Ice Cream

Ice cream machines
Industrial ice cream production
Ice cream, chocolates, and other kinds of food, go through the similar process of beating the ingredients, at either low or high temperatures, sometimes softly and sometimes vigorously. Breads, sweets, pastas, generally follow the same steps. To effectively execute this procedure, machines are given mechanical motorized systems that replace the need for people.

Eutectic Plates and Refrigerated body

The transport and distribution of products at low temperatures, such as ice-cream and frozen foods must meet many different requirements while maintaining efficient and constant low temperatures.
The individual refrigerated bodies with eutectic plates are renowned within the market as being highly recommended, high-performance technology. The use of eutectic plates is also becoming more useful for multi-temperature systems and for fresh food delivery.

Benefits of eutectic plates:
The system is based on one intuitive principle: Cooling is accumulated during the night through an electric refrigerator unit which freezes the eutectic solution.

After this, the eutectic plates solutions previously-accumulate cold and ensuring that the low temperatures are maintained in line with regulations. This compensates for temperature loss from the container itself or from opening doors.

ATCINT produces eutectic solution plates at -4° C, -11° C, -23° C, -26° C, -33° C and 40° C.

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