Thermal Zinc Coated Seamless Inner Tube Robotic Welding Nature Friendly CNC Coil Bending Provides high cold holding
capacity and prevents rusting
No gas leakage
because the one-piece
pipes used
No liquid leakage
because robotic
welding used on plates
No thinning and
deterioration in robotic
and evenly bent pipes
Environmentally friendly
products because our
organic-nano technological
special liquids

Eutectic plates refrigeration uses frozen eutectic plates inside the body compartment to absorb heat to maintain the desired temperature levels. Those passive plates are “refrozen” each day during 10 /12 hours connecting them to the refrigerant compressor by means of an electrical plug. The freezing temperature of the eutectic solution is -33°C. The eutectic plates are filled with a solution that freezers at a specific temperature (eutectic point). By connecting a condensing unit to the pipe that is inside the eutectic plate it is possible to freeze the eutectic solution. In this way we produce an independent storage of cold at a well determined temperature, which is proportional to the quantity of eutectic solution and to its melting latent heat. The eutectic plates are used to maintain the temperature of the product which is already refrigerated or frozen. The exchange coefficient of the plates is of about 13.95 W/m²°C.

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