Eutectic plates and Eutectic Refrigeration

ATCINT start to production all kind of eutectic plates, mostly transport and distribution of ice-cream and frozen foods must meet many different requirements while maintaining efficient and constant low temperatures. The refrigerated bodies with eutectic plates are renowned within the market as being highly recommended, high-performance technology. Eutectic plates is also becoming more useful for multi-temperature systems and for fresh food delivery. Benefits of eutectic plates ; low cost , low maintenance and high environmental, no emissions.ATCINT produces eutectic solution plates at -4° C, -11° C, -23° C, -26° C, -33° C and 40° C. ATCINT R&D center start the new eutectic plates  new tech  for high efficiency up to -50 C.


Eutectic refrigerated truck body manufacturing in Turkey
Piastre Eutettiche-turkey
Eutectic plates manufacturing in Turkey and exporting 45 countries.